The objectives of this program are:

1)  To identify potential changemakers from different strata of the society (mentors and mentees).

2)      To provide a platform for the energetic, ambitious, passionate youth to inspire and guide other potential young change-makers.

3)      To build a positive eco-system for learning and implementing entrepreneurial skills that  address the social problems lying within one’s own community.

4)      To give an opportunity to existing high potential corporate employees to move beyond the geographical bounds of their workplace and take to the streets and communities literally.

5)      To enhance the leadership skills of the high potential corporate employees by providing them hands on experience of working with unpredictable and volatile community-based settings that can brace them to face similar circumstances with an ease in their work-life in the future.

6)      To build a bridge between formal education system and applied practices that can draw a logical relationship between education and action in the young minds of our mentees.

7)      To expand the horizon of the youth, such that their conception of personal empowerment moves from just securing a job for themselves to participation in societal change.


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