Mentor Together: Pitching Event

6 Jan

The brainstorming workshop in Impact Together saw a round of insight-sharing activity (3-minute pitch) and feedback-gathering from our design thinking expert- Rana Chakrabarti. Following this the process of brainstorming ensued with 3 ground rules set- go for quality, suspend judgment and go for wild ideas- and the entire group split into two. Both the groups encountered one design challenge each and came up with some crazy, some sober, some thought-provoking ideas among others.

With lessons from the brainstorming session the teams went back to form a point of view and identify their own design challenge. After a hiatus of 4 weeks teams met again equipped with their logic models. These logic model expanded on what activities will the group conduct in order to create a sustainable social solution, what will be the output, outcomes and verifiable indicators of those activities and lastly what resources will be needed for the same. On this day, six teams passed marked ‘check’ over a pivotal milestone of a social entrepreneur’s journey, that of fundraising. Each team presented their logic model and pitched for an amount to carry out their project-based operations. A prestigious panel comprising of Mr. Sri Krishna from Unitus Seed Fund, Mr Lakshman from SAP India and Arundhuti  Gupta from Mentor Together carefully heard the 10-minute pitches of each team,  provided their feedback and suitable grant. Some teams were encouraged to rethink through their design challenge, create a new logic model and pitch again!

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