Bring Back Sunshine’s prototype event- A puppetry workshop

6 Jan

Azad Tripathi, Sujit H and Satish G along with our mentee Shilpa S did not take too long to conclude that they were all waiting to do something for the senior citizens of Bangalore.

Employing the principles of design thinking, they engaged in extensive user research in Lal Bagh, Jayanagar, Indiranagar and other parts of Bangalore. With the gathered insights they formulated a design challenge- How might we create more opportunities of recreation and fun for the elderly?
How Might We provide a platform for the Elderly to engage in activities of their interest? And, thus, a group that pledged to think of innovative ways of engaging the elderly in fun and inspirational activities was born which they called Bring Back Sunshine.

In order to validate their approach they decided to conduct a prototype event- a puppetery workshop. Before conducting the event they decided to create a buzz about it and get the feedback of their target audience. On two consecutive (Saturday and Sunday) mornings at 6am, the team comprising of three mentors and one mentee hit the famous Lal Bagh and spoke to the senior citizens, gathered their response over the idea and found out that they thought their idea had immense potential.

And finally with butterflies in their stomach ‘the day’ arrived! With the backdrop of the creative work space JAAGA located in the heart of Bangalore they kick-started the event with 18 elders. The team fondly remembers the help extended by Archana and Shekhar YM of Jaaga for their debut workshop.
The event that started at 10 am went up till 3:30 pm. Dr.Bhanumathi from Pavai center of puppetry was invited as an expert from the field of puppetry, she also played the role of the facilitator of the session. One of the team members remarked “she had the entire crowd mesmerized with the knowledge and love for the art shown by her.”

Toward the end the workshop turned into a small show where the elders were seen presenting their puppets. They told their stories through the puppets and also expressed a deep sense of gratitude toward the organizers for making a huge difference in their lives. One of the participants was noted saying “I am extremely thankful to the team for making my day so enjoyable and meaningful, which, otherwise would have been a dull and boring day.”

One of the team mentors Azad remarked “We felt a great sense of achievement at having made a change in the lives of 18 elders.”

With a group photo of the adults, the organizing team, the facilitator and of course everyone’s puppets the workshop was closed and the elders seen off.

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