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Mentor Together Workshop 2 : Problem Identification

26 Oct

Mentors and mentees each brought 7-8 clippings of problems they saw around them or read about. Rana, SAP Designer-in-residence, took teams through the process of sharing their stories, selecting one story each that they wanted to work on and then forming a point of view on that issue.

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Mentor Together Workshop 3: Design Formulation

26 Oct

Teams came back with 3 weeks of fieldwork under their belt. Rana, our workshop facilitator, began with the inspirational story of Aravind Eye Care, and the kind of disruption they have achieved in the global eye-care industry. Teams then made 3 minutes pitches of their fieldwork, focusing on their observations and insights from fieldwork and their current design formulation. At the end of the pitches, all teams participated in a brainstorming exercise on 2 design formulations : “How might we make it cool to save water in colleges” and “How might we make it possible for the elderly to connect with each other and find activities that interest them”. Last business of the day was going over logic models with the group, explaining the flow of resources -> activities -> outputs -> outcomes. Teams now head back to do their final design formulation, brainstorming and logic model, in preparation for Pitch Day, on November 10!

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Changemaking by Elijah Monroe

3 Oct

What Is Impact Together?

Impact Together is a partnership between Mentor Together, Ashoka Innovators for the Public, and SAP. Participants of Impact Together learn the skills of changemaking through two key processes: 1) mentoring – a practice that provides critical skill development for both mentors and mentees, and 2) participation in social entrepreneurship – a practice that impacts the community while providing invaluable experiential learning. Although mentoring and social entrepreneurship are inseparable elements of Impact Together, the main objective of the program is for everyone involved to learn the skills of changemaking by creating and implementing solutions for local problems. In this program, mentors and mentees alike create change for each other, themselves, and society.

What is Changemaking?

As the world’s problems become increasingly complex and interconnected, human-kind’s ability to adjust is becoming ever more imperative. Generations of the past could subsist by repeating the processes done by their predecessors. Today’s generation however is faced with an unprecedented pace of social and environmental change, requiring people, businesses, and organizations to adapt in order to survive. The ability to identify problems as they arise, or even preemptively, and to then implement solutions that address those problems, is a skill that will benefit people working in all sectors from informal labor, to corporate, to social development. A person with that ability is a changemaker, and will embody four primary skills: leadership, teamwork, innovation, and empathy. Impact Together uses mentoring and social entrepreneurship as an experiential learning platform for youth and corporate employees to learn those skills while making an impact in the community.

A heart filled with love! Such simple interventions can go a long way!

2 Oct

A heart filled with love! Such simple interventions can go a long way!