‘Tis the Season

22 Sep

It’s nearing the end of the year, and that means one big festival after another for most us. This is the time for us to go on holiday, to visit our parents, meet old friends, decorate our houses and surroundings, feel part of a whole and to just enjoy. A time for old bonds to be nurtured, new links to be made, our houses to get cleaned up, sweets and savouries to shared, and for an air of gaiety and joy to sweep the land.

All the same, it will also be a time when our surroundings will bear the brunt of our enthusiasm, when our ponds and lakes and rivers will be filled with plaster of paris and toxic paints, when burnt paper/plastics/fibre will litter everything, when animals and birds will cower from noise and will get hurt.

Do the two need to go hand-in-hand? With just a little bit of effort, can we not have a festival of lights without sound, a festival of creation without destruction? By using idols made of bio-degradable materials, by reducing or eliminating the use of crackers or by having a joint celebration, by teaching our kids to seek joy from
togetherness and not from toys and gifts, can we not reclaim the festivals?

Festival impact.pdf


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